Your Personal Broker

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Felicia  J Anderson 

Health Life and Annunities Licensed

A Peace of Mind Broker Who Hands out Checks not Get Well Cards

Her career in health began  in 1997 as a recent medical assistant grad.  She went on to dedicate 11 years of service within the Health Information Department of a Virginia based facility within the HCA medical system

Her duties revolved around HIPAA privacy guidelines and customer support.

She later chose a remote position as a property and casualty call center agent prior to completing her state licensure.  It has been her inspiration to help people benefit from all the options that are available for their peace of mind and family security.

Felicia's first career began in cosmetology and she continues services as a volunteer for senior/rehab residents at a nearby facility for over the last 4 years.   


As your advisor I will satisfy to the best of my ability to provide the cushion you need when the  what if's befall upon you  while living daily life.